Jr. High Roster

 # NameHeight  Grade
1Abigail Tubbs5'79
2Cadence Kramer5'79
3Taya Schmaderer5'29
4Grace Alder5'69
5Lainey Paxton5'711
7Alyssa King5'5 10
9Madison Stracke5'911
11Emma Alder5'69
12Reaghan Engel5'911
 14 Lexi Schroder 5'6 
17Alissa Gubbels5'612
20Morgan Wallinger5'711

 Head Coach: Sandy Miller
Assistant Coach: Megan Wenner
Managers: Sydney Estill, Hailey Gubbels, Whitlee Paxton, Reagan Stracke, Chiana Tubbs, Sarah Wallinger
Volley Ball Player
Someone who steps onto the court and transforms from typical teenage girl, to an amazing, fierce, and unbelievable firecracker, who refuses to give up.
Characteristics include:
Spandex, sweaty face, bruises, and a look in her eyes that says bring it.
We as volleyball players, forget all the drama, boyfriends, and rumors when thy step onto the court. After that, it's OUR time.
 August 30th Double Tri at Clearwater
CWC/ O-C/ EPPJ/ Stuart 
5 pm L/L
 September 4th Double Tri at Niobrara-Verdigre
Stuart/ Ewing/ EPPJ/ Niobrara-Verdigre
 5 pmL/W
 September 6th JV/V
with Creighton
5:30pm/ follow L
 September 11th JV/V
with CWC at Stuart
6 pm/ follow L
 September 13th Tri at Boyd County (Spencer)
Stuart/ Boyd County/ South Central
5pm 6:15pm 7:30pm 
 September 15th Invite at Stuart (V)
North Central/ Stuart/ OrchardClearwater/ St. Mary's
9 am 

 September 18th Double Tri at Bartlett
CWC/ Stuart/ Fullerton/ Spalding
5 pm 

 September 24th Tri at St. Mary's
Stuart/ Neligh-Oakdale/ St. Mary's
5 pm 6:15pm 7:30pm 

 September 25thJV/V
at Ewing 
6 pm/ follow 

 October 2nd Double Tri at Ainsworth
Stuart/ Ainsworth/ North Central/ Colome
4 pm 

 October 4th Double Tri at Keya Paha
North Central/ Stuart/ St. Mary's/ Niobrara-Verdigre
4 pm  

 October 9th JV/V
with West Holt
6 pm/ follow  

 October 11th JV/V Tri at Ainsworth
Stuart/ Ainsworth/ Boyd County
5 pm 6:15pm 7:30pm 

 October 16th JV/V
at Ainsworth
6pm/ follow  

 October 22nd,23rd,26th NVC- host school.....West Holt
top 4 seeds host Monday night/finals at Niobrara

 October 29th
October 30th
 Sub Districts
 November 1st District FinalsTBD 
8th, 9th 10th
 State at LincolnTBD