At Stuart Public School, we pride ourselves in a strong faculty who cares about its students and its school culture. Follow the links below to find more information about our faculty, including links to their websites and email addresses.

Alder, Jenny

jalder@stuartbroncos.org4th GradeJunior Sponsor

Baumeister, Crystal

cbaumeister@stuartbroncos.orgPreschool Paraprofessional

Bouska, Denice

dbouska@stuartbroncos.orgBookkeeper, Clerical

Bouska, Scott

sbouska@stuartbroncos.orgHead Custodian

Cornell, Kris


Dvorak, Cheri

cdvorak@stuartbroncos.orgParaprofessional |Junior Sponsor|

Dvorak, Judy

jdvorak@staurtbroncos.orgK-12 Title I Teacher | Reading Coach |

Dvorak, Megan

mdvorak@stuartbroncos.orgSpecial Education Teacher | Asst. Girls' Basketball |

Erb, Doug

derb@stuartbroncos.orgK-12 Music & Band | Pep Band| Head Golf Coach|

Fahrenholz, Paulette

pfahrenholz@stuartbroncos.orgKindergarten | Freshmen Sponsor |

Fahrenholz, Theresa


Farr, Perri

pfarr@stuartbroncos.org3rd Grade | National Honor Society|

Hanzlik, Patty

phanzlik@stuartbroncos.org11-12 Science | K-12 Counselor | FFA Co-Advisor | Senior Sponsor|

Hanzlik, Robert

rhanzlik@stuartbroncos.orgSuperintendent | Principal| JH Football |

Hickey, Karri

khickey@stuartbroncos.org JH Volleyball Asst. Coach|JH Girls Track Coach | Asst. HS Track Coach|

Kaup, Claire

ckaup@stuartbroncos.org2nd Grade | Dance Team| Assessment Coordinator |

Kaup, Rachel

rkaup@stuartbroncos.org7-10 Science | 6th Math| Quiz Bowl | Freshmen Sponsor| SAT Coordinator| Student Council Rep|

Kohle, Teresa

tkohle@stuartbroncos.orgK-8 Keyboarding | JH/HS Business | 8th Grade Sponsor|

Krentz, Avery

akrentz@stuartbroncos.org6th Grade Teacher

Krysl, Mary

mkrysl@stuartbroncos.org1st Grade | 7th Grade Sponsor|

Kubik, Margaret

Kitchen Helper

Larabee, Brenda

blarabee@stuartbroncos.org10-12 English | Drama | Speech | Yearbook Advisor|

Larsen, Deb


Larsen, Monty

7-12 Ag | FFA Co-Advisor | JH Football Coach| HS Assistant Football Coach |

Ludwig, Stacy

sludwig@stuartbroncos.org7-9 English | 6th Grade Social Studies | Librarian| JH & HS Head Cross Country Coach| Asst. Track|

Ludwig, Travis

tludwig@stuartbroncos.org7-12 Principal| 6th grade Science| Senior Class Sponsor| Athletic Co-Director| Head Track Coach|

Malone, Donna

dmalone@stuartbroncos.orgClerical | Co-Athletic Director|

Miller, John

jmiller@stuartbroncos.orgAssistant Volleyball | Head Boys Basketball

Miller, Sandy

smiller@stuartbroncos.orgCareer Ed | Adv. Health | Prep for Success |7-12 Paraprofessional | JH & HS Head Volleyball | Assistant HS Track| JH Boys Basketball| Assist. HS Boys Basketball|

Murphy, Jackie

Head Cook

Paxton, Sharon

spaxton@stuartbroncos.org5th Grade| Sophomore Sponsor|

Riha, Lorena

lriha@stuartbroncos.orgSpecial Education Coordinator | Sophomore Sponsor|

Skopec, Karin

Preschool Janitor

Schurman, Colin

cschurman@stuartbroncos.orgK-12 Physical Education | Head Football Coach | JH & HS Girls Basketball Coach | JH Boys Track Coach | Asst. HS Track Coach|

Steinhauser, Jenn

jsteinhauser@stuartbroncos.orgPreschool Teacher

Swanson, Slayder


Thompson, Kimberly

kthompson@stuartbroncos.orgESU 8 Speech Pathologist

Wallinger, Lorraine

lwallinger@stuartbroncos.org6th Grade | K-12 Art| Art Sponsor|

Wolf, Amy

School Nurse | Volunteer Asst. Volleyball Coach

Welshons, Nicole

Kitchen Aide